Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1st Annual Mutant Triathlon: The Results

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The 1st Annual Mutant Triathlon was held last Saturday on June 27. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day, especially after the original date was postponed due to crappy weather. It turned out to be a fierce competition. Chiron seemed to be favorite to win (Forest: "I'm starting to think Chiron may emerge victorious!") but after the swim, Mark had a generous lead. Unfortunately he blew it by taking a shower, drying off and then leisurely put on his shoes like he was Mr. Rogers. Chiron followed Mark and was out of the HQ so fast our photographer couldn't snap a picture. Jed followed next with John close behind him. Goody came next followed by Hans. Hans was thirsty but there was no water out so he hydrated the way a true mutant would: with Coors Light. Jack beat Greg in the swim but Greg beat him to the HQ and was off on his bike towards the pier before Jack finished his Coors Light (WAJ!).

The bike stage was next. The mutants had to ride their bikes to the Newport pier, round the globe, get a mustache from Annika and Melody, and ride back. Chiron led the bike ride followed closely by Jed, John, Hans, Goody, and then Greg. The mutants then went on their run but Jack had still not returned from the bike leg. I guess he stopped at his house, had a cocktail and took a nap. He earns the "Most Mutated Award"

And now for the official results of the First Annual Mutant Triathlon:

First Place: Chiron

Second Place: Jed

Third Place: John

Fourth Place: Hans

Fifth Place: Goody

Sixth Place: Greg

Seventh Place: Dark

Last Place: Jack

Special Thanks to Cycle Cadam at Electric, Ryan Boyes at Volcom and Jack Coleman for providing the prizes. Thanks to Annika and Top Burnt Chef for the BBQ, Casey, Jenny, Matt for the awesome photos. Thank you Melody, Annika, and Matt for help administrating the Triathlon. Thank you to all who participated and we hope to see you at the next Mutant Triathlon!

For a full-sized slide-show check out the Facebook album


  1. Awesome stuff here!!! Ya i pretty much kicked Dark's ass!

  2. goodie, stfu. i came in first in the swim, third in the bike and seventh in the run. you came in sixth in the swim, sixth in the bike and fifth in the run...
    keep running your mouth and we'll see how fast you can really run.

  3. wo wo we wo
    i just pissed myself i am so scared


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