Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Blanket Blackout Bingo Birthday Bash Pics

The Beach Blanket Blackout Bingo Birthday Bash was a success! It was a mildly tame party considering that we went through several handles of alcohol (including a 2 gallon jug of sweet tea vodka), a keg, a several 30 packs of beer, wine and whatever booze people brought over. And let's not forget about certain edible things that about half the party ingested and then left to mutate in a hot, stuffy room.

We took up quite a lot of real estate that day.

A neighborly chat with Victor.

Even the cool kids decided to show up.

The birthday mutants!

Happy Birthday Hispannika!

The water was 75˚ that day.

We were visited by a pair of roaming Mariachi singers.

They serenaded our birthday mutants.

Hispannika showed off her Latina heritage.


The guy in red drank several tequila shots

New boyfriend or old flame?

No wonder they stopped at our party.

Birthday mutant Jed.

Thanks to Goodie and Toby for tolerating the mess. Can't wait until next year!

oh yeah and don't forget to vote for Hank for Cutest Dog!


  1. Orange County white people at their fuckin worst. Where's the cocaine and divorce

  2. i didn't know that anonymous meant too scared to actually use your real name...

  3. who is this anon douchebag. What's wrong with good times at the beach IDIOT?

  4. What's with the white people accusation? Dark is negro american.

  5. haha totally! and we have the good coke. straight outta Columbia. None of that shit cut with baking soda. Jager BOMB!

  6. wtf does anon mean by "where's the divorce?"

  7. I really like Anon's style...calm, cool, collected, mute. Shows poise and fear. good show.

    BTW~ see ya whiteys later at HQ!


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