Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rise of the Morlocks

There is a new category of mutants for those who are so mutated that they cannot live within normal society. They are known as Morlocks. According to Wikipedia: Morlocks are humanoid creatures, said to have descended from humans but by the 8,028th century have evolved into a completely different species. Unable to pass as normal because of their extreme mutations, they often live in the fringes of society such as subterranean dwellings or Costa Mesa.

Key features in identifying a Morlock:
  • extreme mutation, physical and mental
  • inability to interact with normal society. The Morlock is often unemployed due to the nature of his/her extreme mutations. In order to survive in this cash money society, Morlocks often depend on their creative skills like photography, cooking or "consulting." Sometimes Morlocks can become successful at their creative trades, as normal society can be appreciative of their outside-box thinking, but these occasions are extremely rare.
  • often in the presence of other Morlocks
  • uncanny ability to ingest large amounts of mood-altering substances (especially Hank)
  • affinity for sugary and fatty foods

Some examples of Morlocks

If you happen across a Morlock, do not be alarmed. They are harmless. They may look different from you but all they would like is to be accepted.

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