Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mutant Triathlon Official Rules and Regulations

Official Rules and Regulations

Race begins at 2:15 PM

Course is as follows:
Swim: around 52nd jetty to 56th St jetty
Bike: any bike is allowed however you will have a longer course if you are on a geared bike. If you are on a beach cruiser 56th St. to Newport pier, around the globe and back. If you are on a geared bike: 56th St to 15th st and back.
Run: 56th St to the last lifeguard stand and back, running on the sand

There will be a person at each checkpoint: the globe, 15th St. and the lifeguard stand. You must make sure the checker marks you off or you will be disqualified.

$5 donation is suggested


  1. I love it... Goodie, your going down!!! "SWEET BIKE"

  2. if anyone doesn't want to ride down to 15th street use a beach cruiser instead...


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