Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So a Polish-Mexican and a Durtbag walk into a bar in Nashville...stop me if you've heard this one....

Ill spare all you mutations the concert and bar pix BUT the food was AMAZING!!!!
Keilbasa, pickles and cheddar platter... Jed, you would worship! And yes i found polish sausage...

Thank God for Plastic Chardonnay...Stay Classy Tennessee

$5 Dollar Special aka "The Bologna Bailout": Fried Bologna Sandwich, a Moonpie, Fries and PBR!....Dawn's combo included a Miller High Life, for Free (that ones for YOU Dark).

AND then, my FAV, fried pickles...and yes that is a barbecued chicken wing bone that looks the size of turkey or baby leg. BURNT>>> Im determined to fry pickles this weekend and that yappy dog next door!
Did i fail to mention that before we found all this fabulous fried food we at Chili's the first day? I recommend the chips and queso...a southern special!

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  1. There is an actual platter with Kielbasa, pickles and cheese? I think you need to move in there Annika!


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