Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the fourth

i'm not sure what is on the mutinerary for the fourth of july, but i would like to let all of you know that i'll have a recruiting station set up on 33rd street between west balboa and lake...

the hours of operation have not yet been finalized, but there will be refreshments and some hors'devours too...

i'll post more details after i figure out the schedule, but if all else fails just hit me up on the electronic leash or meet me at hq.



  1. Sounds like we have a pit stop for our afternoon ride!

  2. mutinerary! new mutant-ism. I love it!

  3. thats so wierd cuz I HAVE a pit stop on 33rd!!! mas chicas mi amigos....oh and 32nd, 35th, and 41st.....muahahahahaha ;)


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